What We Do

Rainmakers are hybrid brokers and advisors, helping New Zealand businesses make critical technology solution decisions.

Our Role

We facilitate the delivery of solutions by leveraging a partner network of proven specialty providers. We have a network of partners that we have vetted to understand which partner is best in their area of digital technology, and we work with businesses to determine which partner is the best solution provider for your digital requirements.  We will maintain a relationship with you and continue to maintain and improve your solutions.

What is a Digital Broker?

We partner with leading IT, Network, Cloud, and as a Service Providers to find the right solutions at the right cost. We do this by leveraging decades of industry knowledge and experience. We are not a provider, but are a technology advisor and broker.  We are trusted advisors, who use our specialised knowledge and experience of the ICT industry, to bring businesses together with the best possible solution providers to fulfil your digital strategy.


Rainmakers will reduce operating expenses and project risk by objectively identifying the highest quality, and most cost-effective, solution and/or partner to solve your business problems. Unlike traditional management consulting, Rainmakers will deliver independent assessments that are customer-centric, not vendor specific. This results in the delivery of higher-quality solutions while lowering risk, fees, and project costs